I feel my adjustments have not only eliminated the headaches, but they have improved my entire body, making me a happier me. The best part of being aligned is it allows my entire body to function better, blood flow, organs, everything! Thanks!
— Carolyn Berlier
I have had back problems for more than 20 years! Difficulty lacing shoes, bending over and riding in the car for long distances. After being treated here at the Hayes Chiropractic Office I’ve improved 80-90%! I’m very glad i found this office.
— Jesse Escalante
I came to Hayes Chiropractic with serious lower back pains, headaches and severe allergies. My mom took me here and we realized I had a curvature in my spinal cord and neck. Now I’ve been coming here for about seven month! Since I came here i have not had and headaches, back pains and now I don’t have to take any of my allergy medicine! Hayes Chiropractic is a very nice place to go when you have any kind of physical problems.
— Rachel Walker